Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Broke My Camera 248/376

While setting up and making adjustments for day 247 I knocked over the tripod that was holding my 50D and 24-70 f/2.8 L series lens. I think the lens is ok but the camera is in dire straits. It’s going back to Canon for repair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…..

I think my old Rebel might still be functional but that thing was on the fritz (constantly rebooting after pressing the shutter button) for several months before I retired it. I hope to continue my 365 project uninterrupted but that remain to be seen.

I’m so F#%king depressed!!!

This was taken with a P&S before I shipped it off for repair.


  1. im sorry your camera got a booboo. it will be okay after it goes to the camera hospital. if not maybe your brilliant and sexy wife will get you a new one for christmas.

  2. Oh what a bummer. I did the same thing a month ago, but in my case it was the lens that didn't survive. What a dumb mistake I made that day to knock it over... yes, tripod and all. And it landed right on the lens. I'm thinking good thoughts for your camera while it's off to the repair shop....

  3. Really sorry about the camera - I hope they can fix it, if not is it insured? I knocked my flash off the table tonight but fortunately it landed on the dog which broke its fall!