Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York’s Finest 280/365

The streets of NYC are predominately one-way with streets running east-west and avenues running north-south. 42nd Street is a main cross-town though fare and one of the few 2-way streets. 3rd Ave is 5 lanes of traffic traveling north. I’m leaving work and car 2478 is speeding east on 42nd St with lights and sirens. The cop reaches 3rd Ave and attempts to turn right, directly into the head-on traffic. Realizing this is a potentially fatal mistake he slams on the breaks and they jump out and run down 3rd Ave. The odd thing about this entire situation is that no one even flinches, traffic attempts to keep moving, pedestrians play dodge the taxis, and weave around the cars in the crosswalk. Me, I whip my camera out of my backpack to capture today’s post, then head to the subway.

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