Sunday, January 2, 2011

Uncooperative Puppy

She wouldn’t perform on demand, but I asked for so little.  I simply wanted her to sit still and  look cute while I toyed with the bokeh master.


  1. Looks like you played with the bokeh idea with your lights. Nice job. How did you make the paws cutout?

  2. And how does the lenscaps work. It appears you slip them in that triangle looking contraption. How do you get it to stay on the front of the lens? Do you hand hold it there? What lens do you use for the collection? I have my 50mm lens which is a 49mm in diameter. Would this fit on that lens?

  3. Lance – I’ve been under the weather for the past week+ with the flu. No strength, motivation, or drive to pickup the camera… It’s a really cool tool! The directions state that its designed for lens up to 63mm. Those 3 legs sticking out fold over the lens and are held in place with a rubber band. Its made of a durable plastic so it should last. Most of my lens’ are 77mm. It didn’t fit so well on mine so I copied the design using a thin sheet of rubber I picked up at the local craft store for $2.