Friday, March 11, 2011

The East Meadow Fire Department at Work

I live in suburbia, on a dead end street with ten homes on the block.  It’s supposed to be quiet and for the most part it is.  Today was different.  A total stranger parks his car in front of my house and walks around the block.  Ten minutes later….

Several of us called the local volunteer fire department.  While we waited for their arrival the neighbors gathered and we all took pictures and videos.  Arriving on the scene with a heavy rescue truck and a pumper. 
The local heros waste no time and get right to work....
There are 2 firemen consumed in the smoke and I really like the drama and action of this shot.
Break out the jaws-of-life because they need to get into the vehicle and check under the hood....
The timing of these two photos is absolutely perfect.  Look at the broken glass in motion on the first one. The second one was taken at the instant the back window is breaking, before it shatters into pieces.
Venting while the jaws-of-life pops open the hood.
Finishing up....
The carnage....

By the time the owner came back all the excitement was over.  He told us the car wouldn’t turn off, so he just took the keys, locked the doors, and went to his 2pm appointment.  I offered him a phone, a few bags so he could remove any valuables, and emailed him a bunch of photos.  


  1. Wow, that's quite an event. You've documented it very well. I'm sure the car's owner appreciates having the pictures. They just may help when it comes to getting his insurance.

  2. Wow! Never heard of that happening to a car. Clearly, something was wrong with the vehicle! Great on-the-scene shots! You're all set to shoot for the local newspaper!

  3. Great news story - you really captured the action.