Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lady Liberty

The original.  Taken on Friday during the photo walk.  Its was a hazy, hot, and humid day with nothing but gray skies.
This is after hours of photoshopping.  Critical feedback welcomed!   I need to learn an easier way to generate layer masks. 


  1. It depends on the version of Photoshop you have. I need to get a newer version - still have very old version.

  2. Very nice shot. I don't think mine is this close. You were using your 70-200? I had my 70-200 and I don't think I got this close a shot.
    Layer masks. I would work this in Camera Raw and play with it there I will do a short video for you. I might not be until I get back from Hawaii. I just landed back here in cool rainy Seattle and feels good to be out of your heat. ;)
    Thank you again for your time and hospitality.

  3. Susan - it was done with CS4 on a Mac.
    Lance - I did use the 70-200 and i cropped it for that closer feel. Just got back form Albany NY where it was 90+ degrees and humidity to match. YUCK!!!