Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Year In Review

As part of wrapping-up year one of my 365 challenge I’m taking an opportunity to perform a year in review by reposting my monthly favorites, along with the reason I selected it

Feb 2009 – Serenity
A tranquil location, beautiful blue sky, and being there undisturbed
Mar 2009 – They’re Back
Perfect timing. I caught him coming over the fence. It’s like he’s posing for the camera.
Apr 2009 – Inspiration
I learned a new lighting and setup technique
May 2009 – Chiclets
An all-time favorite
Jun 2009 – Burj Al Arab
A far off land, a famous landmark, a stunning photograph. June presented several good choices.
Jul 2009 – Dirty Ol’ Sneaks
The lighting
Aug 2009 -Liatris
The simplicity, color, and bokeh
Sep 2009 – Daisy Belle-RIP
The obvious choice. The hole created by her passing has not healed and she’s still missed.
Oct 2009 – Bubbles
Another all-time favorite
Nov 2009 – Thanksgiving
The softness, the lighting, the bokeh, but most important, its representation of family.
Because she’s got talent, she’s my number 1 fan, and it’s a great photograph.
Jan 2010 – Kiwi
Another month with several good choices but I really like my extension tubes and this was one of the better shots
Feb 2010 – Groundcover
It has an artsy flair, which is a quality I’m totally lacking. I wish I could acquire/develop it.

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  1. I enjoyed looking back on all of these. Congrats on 365! I still LOVE the bubbles. :)